SEP IRA: Open an Account - T. Rowe Price

Employers: Establish a SEP-IRA Plan

About SEP-IRA Accounts

A SEP-IRA plan is for self-employed individuals and business owners who wish to make contributions for employees.


Step 1: Complete the Forms and Mail to T. Rowe Price
The IRS Form 5305-SEP identifies which employees will be eligible for the SEP plan. Keep the executed original and mail a copy to T. Rowe Price.  

The Information and Services Agreement allows you to establish a SEP-IRA Program at T. Rowe Price and set up online account access using T. Rowe Price's Plan Sponsor Web site (PSW).

Use the Participant Account form to establish your plan account. Each eligible employee will need to complete a Participant Account form as well.

Complete the Participant Transfer-In form to move an existing SEP-IRA to T. Rowe Price. Each participant completes a separate form for each type of account being transferred and for each custodian.


Step 2: Get Your Plan Sponsor Web Site Operator ID
A unique Operator ID will be mailed to you once your application has been processed. It should arrive within 7 to 10 days.  


Step 3: Activate and Set Up Your Plan Sponsor Web Site
Once you've received your Operator ID and temporary password, you can access Plan Sponsor Web, which allows you to administer your SEP-IRA online.  


Step 4: Distribute SEP-IRA Account-Opening Forms to Your Employees
Download and print copies of the SEP-IRA new account form and the
T. Rowe Price Traditional and Roth IRA Disclosure Statement and Custodial Agreement and distribute to your employees.

Employees can also visit the Open an SEP-IRA Account Page and download these forms, or contact a T. Rowe Price client representative.