403(b) Plans: Open an Account - T. Rowe Price

Participating In and Managing Your 403(b) Account

About 403(b) Accounts
Contributing to a 403(b) plan is an effective way to build your retirement savings. Your before-tax contributions reduce your taxable income, which could reduce your taxes, and your contributions and any earnings grow tax-deferred until you begin making withdrawals (usually during retirement).


Step 1: Download and Complete the Participant Account form
Give to Your Employer
This form allows you to establish an account in your employer's 403(b) plan.  
Step 2: (optional) Exchange Assets from Another 403(b) Account
To exchange existing 403(b) assets in your current employer's plan from another investment provider to T. Rowe Price, complete the 403(b)(7) Exchange-In Request form.  


Step 3: (optional) Roll Over Assets from Another 403(b) Plan
If you have other 403(b) accounts with former employers, and your current employer plan accepts rollovers, you can simplify your paperwork by rolling those assets over into your current employer's plan.  

You’ll have all your 403(b) assets in one place, which will make it easier to create and maintain the proper asset allocation. To speak to a T. Rowe Price Rollover Specialist, call 1-800-492-7670.