Direct Rollover - 403(b) Plans - T. Rowe Price
Rolling Over Your 403(b) Account

If you're considering rolling over an existing 403(b) account into your current Plan, contact your Plan administrator to verify that the Plan accepts participant rollover contributions for before-tax, Roth, and/or after-tax contributions. If so, you may contact your current 403(b) custodian or insurance company to order the appropriate form(s) needed to request a direct rollover of your distribution to T. Rowe Price. If you decide to roll over, complete and mail the form(s) to your current custodian or insurance company, who will then send the rollover money directly to T. Rowe Price. To be sure that your rollover is correctly applied to your account, you should also complete a T. Rowe Price Rollover Contribution Transmittal Form, and send it to T. Rowe Price.

If you haven't already established a 403(b) account at T. Rowe Price, you may complete the Participant Account form. You can complete the form on screen, print and copy it, and give the original to your employer (keep the copy for yourself). Be sure to indicate the fund(s) in which you wish to invest.

If you would like to invest in funds similar to those you currently own, you may call one of our client services representatives at 1-800-492-7670 to obtain information about the mutual fund investments available for your account.

All investments involve risk, including possible loss of principal.

Call 1-800-492-7670 to request a fact sheet, a prospectus, or, if available, a summary prospectus; each includes investment objectives, risks, fees, expenses, and other information that you should read and consider carefully before investing.