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Household Recognition makes it easier for you and other eligible members* of your household to qualify for premium services based on the value of combined assets held at T. Rowe Price. Clients who share the same address and either a common last name or a jointly-owned account have a greater opportunity to qualify for Select Client Services programs that are available to investors with substantial assets at T. Rowe Price.

Do you have additional questions about this program? These frequently asked questions may provide the help you need.

How it works
What does this program do?

Household Recognition automatically recognizes members of your household who have a qualifying T. Rowe Price retail investment relationship and your collective assets towards qualification for our premium Select Client Services programs.

Who is included as part of my household?

Eligible investors who share the same address are recognized as part of the same household if they have either the:

  • Same last name, or
  • Joint tenant relationship
How will I know who is part of my household?

We will notify all members of your household of inclusion in the Household Recognition program. Please contact T. Rowe Price if you have additional questions related to your household members for this program.

What assets are considered as part of this program?

Qualifying assets for the Household Recognition program include the following account types:

  • T. Rowe Price mutual funds
  • Brokerage accounts
  • T. Rowe Price College Savings Plans
  • Small Business Retirement Plans, including SEP IRA, SIMPLE IRA, 403(b), and Keogh
  • Trusts

Assets held in 401(k) Plan, Maryland College Investment Plan, or University of Alaska College Savings Plan accounts may be included if an investor also has a qualifying investment in one of the account types listed above. Assets held in estate or corporate accounts are excluded.

What are the benefits of this program?

Here are some of the ways you and your household may benefit from Household Recognition:

  • If you or someone in your household is already a member of Select Client Services, the benefits of the program will become available automatically to all eligible members in your household.
  • If the combined assets of the household qualify for Select Client Services, these benefits will become available automatically to all eligible members in the household.
  • If the members of the household do not have sufficient assets to be immediately eligible for Select Client Services, the household can qualify more quickly as members add to their investments over time.
Is there a minimum balance necessary to qualify for Household Recognition?

You must maintain a positive balance in a qualifying investment to be eligible for the program. However, if you draw the balance of your qualifying investment to $0, you may be removed from the Household Recognition program.

What if my household doesn't have sufficient assets to qualify for Select Client Services?

If your household does not currently meet the asset threshold needed to qualify for Select Client Services, you may be able to achieve premium level services more quickly as each member makes new investments.

Do I still qualify for Household Recognition if there are no other T. Rowe Price clients in my household?

Households with a single eligible individual qualify for the Household Recognition program and may qualify for the premium benefits of Select Client Services on an individual basis. If another qualifying investor joins your household in the future, that person automatically will become a member of your Household Recognition group.

Making changes
Is there a way for me to opt out of this program?

You may opt out of the Household Recognition program at any time. Opting out will not impact your ability to qualify on your own for the Select Client Services program. If you would like to opt out of the Household Recognition program or prefer not to be included with one or more members of your household, please contact T. Rowe Price.

Is there a way for me to add someone to my Household Recognition group?

You may request to include another investor as part of your household at any time. We will honor valid and appropriate requests, including family members at the same address who do not share a common last name. Please contact T. Rowe Price to submit your request of consideration.

What if there is someone in my household whom I do not want included?

Contact T. Rowe Price immediately if you have any concerns regarding the inclusion of any household members.

What happens to my Household Recognition group if a member moves out of the household?

Any member in the household who changes their address will be advised if this results in a change in their Household Recognition group. Household Recognition group members moving to different addresses will be notified separately to preserve their confidentiality. Please contact T. Rowe Price if you receive such notification and have any questions.

Privacy and security
What information or access to accounts will T. Rowe Price share with other members of my Household Recognition group?

T. Rowe Price will not share any information with any other members of your household except:

  • The names of qualifying members of your household, and
  • The Select Client Services level your household has achieved

All other information related to membership and investments remains confidential and will not be provided to any qualifying member of your household or to any others who do not have authority to receive or view your confidential information.

Members of your household will not have access to your personal investment information as a result of this program. Your ongoing security and confidentiality is of the utmost importance to T. Rowe Price, and it is unaffected by the Household Recognition program.

Will this program consolidate material sent by T. Rowe Price to me or other members of my household?

Household Recognition will not automatically consolidate any information sent to you or other members of your household. However, many of our clients find services such as combining of statements or consolidation of prospectus and shareholder report mailings to be a valuable benefit. Please contact T. Rowe Price if you wish to participate in these programs.

Additional information

Review and/or download a summary of the Household Recognition program. Please contact T. Rowe Price if you have additional questions related to this program.

*To be eligible for the program, each person must directly own a qualifying investment—a T. Rowe Price mutual fund, T. Rowe Price Brokerage account, or T. Rowe Price College Savings Plan account—or must be a trustee for a trust account or a custodian of a UGMA/UTMA, T. Rowe Price College Savings Plan, or Education Savings Account. Assets held in a 401(k) plan, a Maryland College Investment Plan, or a University of Alaska College Savings Plan account are also eligible for Household Recognition if you have a qualifying investment. Assets held in estate or corporate account are excluded. The Household Recognition program is subject to change without notice.