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Select Client Services

As your assets with us increase, so should your expectations of us. That's why we created our Select Client Services program.* As an investor with T. Rowe Price, you are entitled to many standard client benefits and services. In addition, depending on the amount you invest with us, you're entitled to an expanded suite of complimentary benefits and services.

A higher level of service and benefits:


With total investments of

Enhanced Personal

With total investments of

Access to experienced
Client Managers

Waived fees for
T. Rowe Price
Advisory Planning
Dedicated assistance with
complex financial
Complimentary access to
The Wall Street Journal
SM a $396/year value)
Discounted Brokerage trades Extended suite of free
TurboTax® products
during tax season
Complimentary Morningstar®
Premium membership
(a $199/year value)
Free TurboTax®
online products during
tax season

Plus many additional benefits and services

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By automatically recognizing all qualifying T. Rowe Price assets held by you and other members of your household, we make it easier for you to achieve premium benefits and services.


If you have more than $3 million invested and want your assets professionally managed in a separate portfolio, we offer discretionary asset management services.


Review all the benefits you're eligible to receive as a T. Rowe Price client.

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All investments involve risk, including possible loss of principal.

*Qualifying investments consist of T. Rowe Price mutual fund, Brokerage, T. Rowe Price ActivePlus Portfolios, or T. Rowe Price College Savings Plan accounts that are directly owned; trust accounts for which you are a trustee; or UGMA/UTMA, T. Rowe Price College Savings Plan, or Education Savings Accounts for which you are a custodian. Assets held in a 401(k) Plan, a Maryland College Investment Plan, or a University of Alaska College Savings Plan account are also eligible if you have a qualifying investment. Assets held in estate or corporate accounts are excluded. Your qualifying investment assets may be recognized with those of other eligible members of your household toward collective qualification for Select Client Services programs.

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