The T. Rowe Price 529 College Savings Plan, managed by T. Rowe Price


Welcome to the T. Rowe Price College Saving Plan. Whether your children’s aspiration is college, technical school or graduate school, with the T. Rowe Price College Savings Plan, saving for your specific higher education goals has never been simpler.

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Why Choose the T. Rowe Price College Savings Plan?

Expert Approach
With T. Rowe Price, your best interest is our only interest. Since 1937, our experts have helped clients around the world achieve their long-term financial goals. You can count on us to deliver investment management expertise and leading no-load mutual funds to help meet your college savings goals.

Nationwide College Choice
Assets can be used at any eligible private or public college, university, graduate school, or vocational school anywhere in the country. Some international schools qualify as well.

Investment Options
You have a choice of 13 professionally managed portfolios specifically designed for saving for college expenses.

Tax-Free Growth Potential
When you use a 529 plan to save for qualified educational expenses, you don’t have to pay taxes on any earnings. That means you could have more tax-free money for college.*

$50 a month
It's easy to save—you can get started for as little as $50 a month. In addition, we'll waive the annual account fee when you invest through Automatic Monthly Contributions.

What is a 529 Anyway?

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They have some pretty cool benefits.

Our Plan

Our 529 plan is a flexible, tax-advantaged account designed for college savings, and open to residents of any U.S. state.

Tools & Resources

T. Rowe Price has developed a series of tools and resources to guide you through the key phases of planning for college.

Did you know? On average, Account Holders contribute $158 per month to the Plan through Automatic Monthly Contributions.

* Earnings on a distribution not used for qualified expenses may be subject to income taxes and a 10% federal penalty. Please note that the availability of tax or other benefits may be conditioned on meeting certain requirements such as residency, purpose for or timing of distributions or other factors as applicable.

**Based on the average Automatic Monthly Contribution into the T. Rowe Price College Savings Plan as of 12/31/13.

The T. Rowe Price College Savings Plan is offered by the Education Trust of Alaska. You should compare this Plan with any 529 college savings plan offered by your home state or your beneficiary's home state and consider, before investing, any state tax or other benefits that are only available for investments in the home state's plan. Please read the Plan's Disclosure Document which includes investment objectives, risks, fees, charges and expenses, and other information. You should read the Plan Disclosure Document carefully before investing. For other important legal information, please read the Plan's Privacy Policy. T. Rowe Price Investment Services, Inc., Distributor/Underwriter.

Morningstar analysts reviewed 63 plans for its 2015 ratings (10/20/15), 64 plans for its 2014 ratings (10/21/14), 2013 ratings (10/22/13) and 2012 ratings (10/15/12), of which 4 plans received a "Gold" rating. To determine a plan's rating, Morningstar's analysts considered five factors: the plan's strategy and investment process; the plan's risk-adjusted performance; an assessment of the individuals managing the plan's investment options; the stewardship practices of the plan's administration and parent firm; and whether the plan's investment options are a good value proposition compared to its peers. Plans were then assigned forward-looking ratings of "Gold," "Silver," "Bronze," "Neutral," and "Negative." Each year, certain of the industry’s smallest plans are not rated. Morningstar analysts reviewed 58 plans for its 2011 survey, of which 6 plans received a "Top" rating, and 52 plans for its 2010 survey, of which 5 plans received a "Top" rating. Ratings for each plan were based on five factors: the quality of the underlying investment options; performance of those options; the skill of the managers of those options; the costs associated with each plan; and the stewardship practices of each plan's program manager. Plans were then assigned ratings of "Top," "Above Average," "Average," "Below Average," and "Bottom." To earn a "Top" rating, a plan must be best-in-class across all five areas.

Analyst Ratings are subjective in nature and should not be used as the sole basis for investment decisions. Analyst Ratings are based on Morningstar analysts' current expectations about future events and therefore involve unknown risks and uncertainties that may cause Morningstar's expectations not to occur or to differ significantly from what was expected. Morningstar does not represent its Analyst Ratings to be guarantees.