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Plan Your Withdrawals to Help Ensure Steady Income

You depend on income from your assets. Your assets need to last throughout retirement, and you may want to leave money to your heirs.

Many investors do not have a strategy in place to help them draw down their retirement assets efficiently. The result could be an unexpected and premature depletion of assets. There are several factors that should be considered when developing your withdrawal strategy, including planning for unexpected expenses, staying ahead of rising inflation, and possibly securing a financial legacy for future generations.

If you need to adjust the amount you’re withdrawing, doing so sooner rather than later can have a big impact on how well you maintain a consistent income stream. You may also find that your portfolio needs adjusting—fewer fixed-income assets (bonds) and more growth assets (stocks)—to keep your income stream ahead of inflation.

Your personalized Recommendation will include:
Where are you now How much you're withdrawing each year, how long your assets should last, and an in-depth analysis of your current portfolio
Withdrawal strategy How adjusting your withdrawal could impact the preservation of your assets
Investment strategy Our recommended portfolio and how it compares with your current one
Action plan Specific suggestions for adjusting your withdrawal and investment strategies to achieve your goals
Bill and Sarah Evans Bill and Sarah Evans

Years in Retirement: 10

Goal: "We want to look at our current income stream and make sure it will last throughout our retirement."
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