One-On-One Service Starts Here

You'll be ready to complete your Client Profile in just a few easy steps. Rest assured that we use the most current security procedures and technologies to keep your information confidential.

Step 1: Review our Service Agreement and Disclosure Statement

The Service Agreement and Disclosure Statement has important information about our Advisory Planning Services. The Fiduciary Adviser Disclosure has additional important information for ERISA clients, including IRA account holders.

Security and Confidentiality

T. Rowe Price has invested in the most current data safeguards to ensure that your information is kept secure and confidential. View our Privacy Policy for more information.

Step 2: Be Ready for the Online Experience

If you don't already have a user name and password at T. Rowe Price, you'll need to register for online access.

If you're a T. Rowe Price investor, you'll be asked to activate your account(s) online. Then we'll automatically load your T. Rowe Price account information into your Client Profile for your convenience. Not included: assets held in Education Savings Accounts, UGMA/UTMAs, 401(k) accounts, and 529 plans.

As the cornerstone of your Recommendation, your Profile needs to be complete and accurate. The process should take about 30 to 40 minutes. You can save your Client Profile during the process and come back to it later.

Step 3: Review Service Fee Eligibility

The one–time $250 fee is waived for investors meeting certain criteria related to assets invested with T. Rowe Price or account types. After you complete the Online Client Profile, you will be notified if you meet the waiver criteria.

For more information regarding the waiver criteria, please contact us at 877-301-9767.

Step 4: Gather Your Paperwork if Needed

If you have investments outside of T. Rowe Price, including any employer-sponsored retirement plan(s), please have the current statements handy. This will help you complete the Client Profile accurately and help us give you the most accurate Recommendation.

Reminder: If you are including a spouse or partner in your planning, you'll need his or her information as well.

Step 5: Complete Your Client Profile

Please keep in mind that it will take about 30 to 40 minutes. You will be able to save your information throughout the process. We recommend that you have your current account statements available for investments outside of T. Rowe Price, including employer-sponsored retirement plan statements. This will help us to provide you with more accurate, personalized advice and solutions.

If you have questions while completing your Client Profile, feel free to call us at 1-877-301-9767. Our hours of service are weekdays 8am to 8pm ET.

Note: If you are an Advisory Planning Services Client, we already have your Client Profile on record so you can skip this step. To access/review your Online Checkup, we encourage you to go here.

Advisory Planning Services are offered by T. Rowe Price Advisory Services, Inc., a registered investment adviser under the Investment Advisers Act of 1940. T. Rowe Price Advisory Services and T. Rowe Price Investment Services are affiliated companies.