2015 Tax Information for T. Rowe Price Taxable Funds
Long-Term Capital Gains

Capital gain distributions are taxed at various rates. For long-term capital gains realized by a fund, the maximum tax rate is 20% (0% for investors in the 15% or lower tax bracket, 15% for investors in the 25%, 28%, 33%, or 35% tax brackets). Box 2a of Form 1099-DIV reports your total long-term capital gains distribution.

Capital gain distributions derived from Section 1250 property are subject to a maximum tax rate of 25%. The dollar amount related to your holdings is reported in Box 2b of Form 1099-DIV.

T. Rowe Price Domestic Stock Funds
T. Rowe Price Fund Payment Date Total Capital Gain Distribution Amount Subject to Max. 20% Tax Amount Subject to 25% Tax
Global Real Estate 09/29/2015 $0.054680900 $0.054247759 $0.000433141
Global Real Estate 12/17/2015 $0.20 $0.198415750 $0.001584250
Mid-Cap Value 12/15/2015 $2.47 $2.468732396 $0.001267604
Small-Cap Stock 12/15/2015 $4.06 $4.053653814 $0.006346186