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Effective tax planning can help you save money and fine-tune your investment strategy. Our tools and information can help you complete your taxes accurately and on time.

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Dividend Distributions

View dividend and capital gains distributions for T. Rowe Price mutual funds for current and previous tax years.

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Find tax-related information on T. Rowe Price funds, including important tax dates and other helpful information.

Tax Forms

Find the availability date for tax forms and log in to view your T. Rowe Price tax forms and accounts.

Corporate Actions

View Form 8937–Report of Organizational Actions Affecting Basis of Securities for information related to corporate actions, including items such as mergers, fund liquidations, and reclassifications that impact cost basis.

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Get the latest tax-related information.

Fund-Specific Tax and Reclassification Information for T. Rowe Price Funds

This information on T. Rowe Price taxable and tax-free funds can help in the preparation of your taxes and assist you in tax planning:

Use these calculators to determine how much to contribute to an IRA or which IRA is best for you and to determine tax rates on your T. Rowe Price funds for your specific tax situation.

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