Provide your family with important information about your financial affairs and your most important advisors.

This easy-to-use form is designed to help you create a record of basic financial information that will prove invaluable to your family when they need this information the most. The form includes sections to document contact and account information for:

  • Insurance policies and agents
  • Retirement plans and beneficiaries
  • Financial accounts (checking, savings, and credit cards)
  • Investment accounts and financial advisors
  • Wills, trust agreements, and attorneys

By downloading What Your Family Needs to Know, you have the option of printing a blank form and writing in the information or typing directly into the form and then printing the information.

Download our What Your Family Needs to Know booklet to record important contact and financial information.

Note: If you use Adobe Acrobat Full to view this form, you can save this document and any changes you make to your computer for future reference or updates. If you use Adobe Acrobat Reader to view this form, you will not be able to save the completed document to your computer. You will only be able to fill in the information and then print the form.