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Life evolves. Goals change. We’re here to help.
Whether you recently graduated college, started a family, own a small business, or are nearing retirement, handling life's challenges shouldn't mean sacrificing saving for your retirement. Consider these five sample life stages and suggestions to help manage your changing financial priorities while keeping your retirement investment strategy on track.

Right now you’re in the early stages of building your financial future and need to understand how getting off to a good start can shape the rest of your life.
In this stage, you begin making major financial commitments for the first time. You may be getting married, buying a home, raising a family, or perhaps starting your own business.
By now you’ve started to achieve some financial independence. You also may be taking on dual responsibilities—caring for your children and your aging parents.
Chances are your children are out on their own, and after a lot of hard work, you’ve earned the right to look forward to retirement. This is the time to maximize your savings.
Once you’re near retirement age, investing presents challenges. You may be interested in preserving your assets and looking for ways to generate income to maintain a comfortable lifestyle.

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    Compare your fund from over 15,000 fund families based on performance, expenses and fees, fund characteristics, and volatility.


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