@ T. Rowe Price

It’s Not Too Late to Make Your 2013
IRA Contribution

Tax Year Under Age 50 Age 50 or Older
2013 $5,500 $6,500
2014 $5,500 $6,500

Investing early is the best way to maximize your investments’ compound growth potential. You can make contributions for the 2013 tax year through April 15, 2014. You also can get an early start on this year’s contributions.

Invest Your Tax Refund
With Direct Deposit


Did you know you can directly deposit your 2013 tax refund into a T. Rowe Price mutual fund account?

Use our online tool to complete and submit your direct deposit form. Please note that the form must be received by T. Rowe Price before your refund is transmitted to your account.

A New Way to Qualify
for Premium Services


With the new Household Recognition program, T. Rowe Price clients who share a common address and either 1) the same last name or 2) hold a jointly owned account now have an opportunity to qualify for our premium Select Client Services programs.

Based on the new recognition of combined total household assets held at T. Rowe Price, you and the members of your household may be eligible for premium services, such as discounted online trades, savings on annual account fees, and personalized assistance on complex financial transactions.

Get Your Finances in Order
With Online Tools


Access all of your financial accounts in one place with Account Center, an online account management tool for clients of T. Rowe Price. Account Center can help you get organized and take control of your finances.

In just minutes, you can

  • securely add all your accounts, including checking, savings, loans, credit cards, and more—from any bank or financial institution, as well as
  • budget for your goals, analyze your spending, and track your progress.
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    5Make your IRA contributions for 2013; invest your tax refund with direct deposit; a new way to qualify for premium services; and more.
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    7"Stretching" an Inherited IRA offers your heirs the potential for decades of tax-advantaged growth.
    8History shows why maintaining an allocation to stocks and bonds that is appropriate for your financial goals can lead to long-term growth.
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    9Understanding what your estate is worth can help ensure your planning efforts are on the right track.