A Powerful Retirement Resource

T. Rowe Price combined complex modeling and real-life experiences to help investors improve their probability of meeting future financial goals as they transition to retirement.

simple fact informed the development of FuturePathSM—life is not linear, and the best financial planning accounts for unexpected events and shifts in goals. Face-to-face meetings with preretirees helped the
T. Rowe Price team create a resource that is simple to use and allows investors to ask "what if" questions and see how a wide variety of actions— including saving more or less, working longer or retiring earlier, or delaying or taking Social Security benefits—could change their future. Your retirement goals are tested against 1,000 different market scenarios to calculate the percentage of times retirement savings would last under these simulated conditions. The work isn't over: The development team continues to expand and fine-tune the resource with help from those using and benefiting from it. BHS

Your Confidence Score is calculated on a 100-point scale and reflects two fundamental questions about retirement every investor should ask.

See Bring Your Future Into Focus for information on FuturePathSM and how it works.

Note: Clients whose relationships with T. Rowe Price are limited to certain accounts, such as some employer-sponsored retirement plans, will not yet be able to access FuturePathSM.

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