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T. Rowe Price Connections At T. Rowe Price, our analysts and portfolio managers gain knowledge every day about dynamic industries that are poised to have wide-ranging effects. Learn what they have to say. T. Rowe Price Connections is an exciting new digital series that explores the companies, people, and innovations that are shaping the global economy and our ongoing investment decisions.

Recent connections stoRies

  • Coffee: It is about much more than taste and caffeine. It's an $80 billion-a-year global industry. And it's more interesting now than ever. Learn more about the trends that are currently defining this multi-faceted industry.
  • Lighting: Advances in technology are beginning to have profound effectsnot just on how we light our homes, but on how we entertain ourselves, power our cities, and even change our moods. Learn more about the potential risks and rewards of Next-Gen Lighting.
  • 3D Printing: There's a revolution on the horizon that may change the way we buy, manufacture, and customize goods: 3D Printing is coming into its own. Learn more about how 3D Printing is impacting a large number of industries and is becoming more and more relevant to consumers.

The Program for Charitable Giving

Charitable Giving
The T. Rowe Price Program for Charitable GivingSM is a donor-advised fund that can help you simplify giving and establish a framework to carry on a philanthropic tradition beyond your lifetime. The fund has some of the lowest fees among the largest national donor-advised funds—and it allows you to recommend grants to your favorite charities.
  • Your account can be invested among six professionally managed investment pools—each with a different asset allocation—where your money can potentially grow tax-free while you decide where to donate the funds. Note that the minimum initial contribution amount is $10,000.
  • You can invest your account in one pool or a combination of the investment pools.
  • You can easily recommend grants to charities from your Program account online or by mail or fax.


T. Rowe Price Connections
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The T. Rowe Price Family Center

Teaching Kids the ABCs of Saving and Spending Wisely

The T. Rowe Price Family Center is a website dedicated to helping parents engage children in conversations about managing money. Parents like you share their most memorable experiences with money in Lessons From Childhood. The site also offers an online game called The Great Piggy Bank AdventureSM, which teaches basic financial principles in an educational and fun way. One or more players can join the adventure to learn more about setting goals, saving money, avoiding the dangers of inflation, and diversifying assets.

  • Meet colorful characters: From the small town of Fiscalville, players travel through a lush jungle and wilderness—interacting with talking piggy banks and big, bad wolves—to the bright lights of Fat City.
  • Tackle tough choices about saving and spending: Each level reinforces financial lessons.
  • Track Progress: Players earn badges when topics are mastered, and games can be saved for returning players.

For those who prefer a quick trip rather than a full adventure, mini-games offer an abbreviated experience.

1 Taking the time to review important accounts can help maintain your overall financial strategy.
2 Christine Fahlund, CFP®, a senior financial planner with T. Rowe Price, explains the role probate can play in your estate plan.
3Larry Puglia, portfolio manager of the T. Rowe Price Blue Chip Growth Fund.
4A blended portfolio for income and growth.
5Starting to save early with a 529 plan can help bring the cost of college within reach.
6 Contributing regularly and staying invested increases the growth potential of your assets over time.
7One of your biggest decisions is determining when and how to begin collecting your benefits.
8T. Rowe Price Connections; The T. Rowe Price Program for Charitable Giving; and more.
9Giving to causes that are important to you can be a rewarding part of your personal and financial life.
10An increasing number of companies are developing a long-term strategic view of the environmental impact of their products.
11Growing Opportunities in Developed and Emerging Markets.
12Six Steps to Help You Achieve Your