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NEW! The T. Rowe Price Emerging Markets Corporate Bond Fund (TRECX)

This new fund seeks high income and capital appreciation by selectively investing in bonds that are issued by companies located in—or conducting the predominant part of their business activities in—Latin America, Asia, Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. These bonds are supported by a rapidly growing consumer class and demand from thriving emerging market institutions.

The T. Rowe Price Emerging Markets
Corporate Bond Fund offers potential for :

  • Higher yields than developed market corporate bonds
  • Capital appreciation
  • Portfolio diversification outside developed markets
Since the fund invests the majority of its assets in foreign emerging market corporate bonds, it will be subject to heightened risk compared with developed markets, adverse political or economic developments overseas, illiquid markets, government interference, or regulatory practices that differ from the U.S. The fund is exposed to greater credit risk than other bond funds because companies in emerging markets are usually not as strong financially and are more susceptible to economic downturns. Diversification cannot assure a profit or protect against a loss in declining markets.

We're Moving:
T. Rowe Price Washington, DC Investor Center

Our Washington, DC Investor Center will be relocating in August 2012. Of course, the seasoned investment counselors and center services will all remain the same. And given the proximity of the new office to the current one, approximately one block away, the experience should be relatively seamless as we transition.

Old Location:
900 17th Street, NW, Washington, DC 20006

New Location:

1000 Connecticut Ave, NW, Suite A-100, Washington, DC 20036

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