Automatically import tax data from your T. Rowe Price accounts into your TurboTax return, and eliminate manual typing into TurboTax. Import IRS Forms 1099-DIV, 1099-R, 1099-INT, and 1099-B tax data from your T. Rowe Price individual mutual fund accounts, IRAs, and Brokerage accounts.

For detailed information regarding tax form mail dates, please refer to our Tax Information Mailing Schedule. If you are importing your Brokerage or Brokerage Advantage account tax information directly into a tax preparation product such as TurboTax, this capability will be available in mid-March, 2015.

Please note: This importing capability currently is not supported for T. Rowe Price workplace retirement accounts. You will need to enter these data manually.

How Do I Import 1099 Tax Form Data Into TurboTax?

To import data from participating financial institutions, simply follow these directions:

  1. From the TurboTax File menu, choose Import, and then choose From Financial Partner.
  2. Select your financial institution from the list. Select T. Rowe Price Mutual Fund Accounts to retrieve individual mutual fund accounts or T. Rowe Price Brokerage Accounts to retrieve Brokerage accounts, and click Continue.
  3. Enter your T. Rowe Price user name and password and click Continue. You must perform this process twice if you hold both mutual fund accounts and Brokerage accounts with T. Rowe Price in order to capture data from all of your tax forms. You will use the same T. Rowe Price user name and password each time you perform the process.
  4. A pop-up box will appear, indicating that your information is being imported. If, for some reason, access is denied, an error message will appear.
  5. When the import process is successful, a list will appear at the top of the screen indicating your account activity related to income. You may click Details below the list to review specific information related to any highlighted activity. Click Close to close the details window.
  6. Select any or all of the entries listed and then click Import Now. This will bring your account information directly into TurboTax. You will see a screen indicating whether the import was successful. If you want to import data from any other financial institutions, click the Yes link to repeat the process. Otherwise, click No to return to your previous work.
What Is My T. Rowe Price User Name and Password?

The Access T. Rowe Price screen in TurboTax asks you to enter a user name and password to import your 1099 data. This is the user name and password you have already established for access to your individual mutual fund accounts, IRA, and Brokerage accounts through Your password (also referred to as a PIN) is six to 10 characters long with at least two numbers and two letters.

How Do I Get a T. Rowe Price User Name and Password?

Click Log In in the top right corner of the page and follow the online instructions to register for online account access.

When May I Import 1099 Tax Form Data Into TurboTax?

For detailed information regarding tax form mail dates, please refer to our Tax Information Mailing Schedule.

1099 tax form data for tax year 2014 for individual mutual fund accounts and IRAs will be available until October 15, 2015. 1099 tax form data for tax year 2014 for Brokerage accounts will be available until December 2015.

Will Wash Sale Information Import Into TurboTax?

If T. Rowe Price is reporting average cost basis information on your accounts, the gross loss will import into TurboTax. It will not be adjusted in the instance of a wash sale. To adjust the reported loss, edit the imported sale information. You will be presented with a set of wash sale questions. In answering them, the TurboTax program will adjust the allowable loss.

Is The Holding Period Imported Automatically?

No. The holding period is not imported automatically. Edit the sale information in order to distinguish between long- and short-term sales. Note that for mutual funds you may use the term Various in the Date Acquired field.

Will I Still Receive Paper Copies of 1099 Tax Forms in the Mail?

Yes, you will receive paper copies of 1099 tax forms from T. Rowe Price. This download feature merely allows you to automatically import your T. Rowe Price data into TurboTax, eliminating the need to manually enter this information from your paper forms.

What Happens if I Receive a Corrected 1099 Tax Form in the Mail?

If you receive a corrected 1099 tax form in the mail and have already imported the data into your TurboTax return, you will need to delete your previous import. To delete previously imported data within TurboTax, go to the File menu and select Remove Imported Data. Unfortunately, due to a system limitation, the corrected 1099 tax data cannot be reimported.

What Method Is Used for Calculating Cost Basis?

As a convenience for individual mutual fund accounts, 1099-B imports include cost basis information for both covered shares and noncovered shares (to the extent that such information for noncovered shares is available). This cost basis for mutual funds is calculated using using Average Cost as the default method unless you chose another method. 1099-B imports do not include cost basis information for Brokerage accounts.

Please visit the Tax Planning section of our website for more on calculating cost basis.

What Are 1099-R Limitations for E-Filing My Tax Return?

Due to e-file limitations, you will be unable to e-file if you have imported more than 10 1099-R forms combined from all of your financial institutions. TurboTax will prompt you if you have exceeded the maximum number of 1099-R forms and are ineligible for e-filing. You will still be able to print and mail your return using the TurboTax product.

May I Import 1099 Tax Form Data After the April Deadline?

Yes, you will be able to import 1099 tax form data into TurboTax for individual mutual fund accounts and IRAs until October 15. 1099 tax form data for Brokerage accounts will be available for import until December. However, if you closed an individual mutual fund account or IRA during the tax year, data for these closed accounts will only be available for download until June.

Where May I Find More Information About TurboTax Products?

Visit the TurboTax website for more information about TurboTax software.

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