What Browsers Work Best With the T. Rowe Price Website?

While the T. Rowe Price website is compatible with most Web browsers, the following Web browsers are recommended based on your operating system.

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 8.x, 9.x, 10.x, 11.x
    Click here to visit Microsoft Homepage for updates.
  • Mozilla Firefox 33, 34, or 35
    Click here to visit Mozilla Homepage for updates.
  • Google Chrome 38, 39, or 40
    Click here to visit Google Homepage for updates
  • Safari 5.x, 6.x, 7.x, or 8.x
    Click here to visit the Apple Homepage for updates.
  • Mozilla Firefox 33, 34, or 35
    Click here to visit Mozilla Homepage for updates.
  • Google Chrome 38, 39, or 40
    Click here to visit Google Homepage for updates
Apps for iPhone and iPad:
  • IOS: A personal app has been created and is supported for Individual Investors and 401(k) workplace retirement plan visitors using iOS5, iOS6, iOS7, and iOS8. The personal app is optimized for the iPhone and is compatible with the iPad. Please note, cookies must be enabled to use this application. You can enable cookies in the Safari section of your iPhone or iPad settings. We anticipate offering an iPad App in the near future.
  • Mobile or Tablet users: The full website is accessible using a mobile or tablet device. However, you may experience visual or functional difficulties with some pages of our website.

    Please visit www.troweprice.mobi for an optimized mobile experience providing access to your account balances, recent activity, fund prices and research.

    The .mobi site supports Android, iPhone and Blackberry mobile devices with Internet access.
Do You Have a Question About Setting Up Your Browser?

A Web browser is a software program that helps you retrieve and view documents from the Internet.

The T. Rowe Price website is best viewed at a screen resolution of 1024 x 768 or higher. Most computer systems today are capable of displaying this resolution. Please see your computer operating system manual for more details about changing this setting.

In order to better view Web pages, many browsers allow you to adjust the size of the font displayed. Consult the Help menu option within your browser for specific instructions.

To ensure a high level of security for our shareholders, we require a browser that uses 128-bit encryption. This level of encryption is one of the strongest levels of encryption currently available to U.S. and Canadian citizens. T. Rowe Price requires the 128-bit encryption to ensure the safety of your account data, and it is supported by most current browsers. The recommended browsers below all support 128-bit encryption with no modification.

Additionally, there are sections of our website that may require browser plug-in and supporting software. While the majority of the website does not require plug-ins, the following software is recommended to ensure the best experience on the site.

Will I Need to Change My Pop-up Blocker Settings?
What is pop-up blocking?

Pop-up blocking technology is used to block advertisements that are built into many commercial websites. This technology can be found built directly into many Web browsers as well as antivirus and Internet security software packages. It also is incorporated into many toolbars that can be installed as a companion to a Web browser.

Pop-up windows on the T. Rowe Price website.

While pop-up blocking is very useful in most cases, this technology can also cause difficulties when browsing websites that use pop-up windows for legitimate functionality of those websites. There are locations on the T. Rowe Price website where the use of pop-up blocking technology will adversely affect the intended functionality of the site. These locations include launching Online Access Brokerage, 529 accounts, myRetirement Plan, AccountMinder, and Portfolio Tracker from the Retail Online Access Portfolio Activity area. In addition, content within the Research section of troweprice.com and Online Statements launch in a pop-up window.

Instructions for launching pop-up windows from troweprice.com.

Most software that incorporates pop-up blocking technology allows for options to temporarily disable pop-up blocking or create a list of websites on which to allow pop-up windows. The following instructions will assist you with updating the most common software products to allow pop-ups on the T. Rowe Price website.

Google Toolbar:

  1. Navigate to troweprice.com
  2. In the Google Toolbar, click the button that indicates the number of blocked
    pop-ups to add the T. Rowe Price site to the allowed pop-up list

Yahoo! Toolbar:

  1. Click the Pop-Up Blocker menu
  2. Select Always Allow Pop-Ups From
  3. Select the T. Rowe Price site from the Sources of Recently Blocked Pop-Ups list
  4. Click Allow

Internet Explorer Pop-Up Blocker:

  1. Click the Tools menu at the top of Internet Explorer
  2. Select Pop-up Blocker, then Pop-up Blocker Settings
  3. Enter www3.troweprice.com and click Add
  4. Enter www.troweprice.com and click Add
  5. Enter www.individual.troweprice.com and click Add

Mozilla Firefox:

  1. Click the Tools menu, then Options
  2. Select Web Features
  3. In the row for Block Pop-up Windows, click Allowed Sites
  4. Enter www3.troweprice.com and click Add
  5. Enter www.troweprice.com and click Add
  6. Enter www.individual.troweprice.com and click Add