T. Rowe Price understands the connections of a complex, global economy.

In today's economy, everything shapes the future of your investments.

At T. Rowe Price, our collaborative global research process helps us better understand the connections of a complex, global economy, so we can make the best decisions about where to invest your money. It's just one of the reasons to consider our disciplined investment approach.

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Global Research Capabilities

Successfully navigating the connections of a global economy takes teamwork. Our
in-house research department is one of the largest and most respected in the industry, with over 150 analysts around the world. They all work together to carefully examine companies before we invest to make sure that each represents a true long-term opportunity for our investors.

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Low-Cost, Active Management

We believe in actively managing our funds and pursue a disciplined process to individually evaluate every stock and bond we invest in. But we don't believe it should cost a lot. We keep our expenses low, so your investment can go even further. We offer over 90 funds with no loads or sales charges and expense ratios below their Lipper category averages.

Experienced Fund Managers

Our fund managers average 17 years' tenure with T. Rowe Price and have proven track records in a variety of market conditions. Their years of international and domestic fund management have given them the expertise and long-term perspective necessary to give investors the best possible chance of meeting their goals.

An Intelligent Balance of Risk and Reward

In a complex, global economy, our risk-aware approach to investing can be beneficial. At T. Rowe Price, we thoroughly explore the risks and potential rewards of every investment we make, examining the variables from different viewpoints. We seek to maximize gains without taking on unnecessary risks.