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The SIMPLE IRA is a low-cost, easy to administer retirement plan for self-employed individuals or for small businesses with up to 100 employees. The SIMPLE IRA retirement plan offers most of the benefits of a 401(k) without the annual testing or IRS reporting requirements. Best of all, participants can choose from over 90 T. Rowe Price no-load mutual funds to help build your retirement savings.

SIMPLE IRA Plan Benefits at a Glance

SIMPLE IRA Tax Savings

  • Business owners can save $3,400 or more on this year's tax bill.1 Employer contributions to a SIMPLE IRA plan generally are deductible as a business expense.
  • Personal tax savings: Salary deferral contributions reduce taxable income, which can mean a valuable tax break.
  • Tax-advantaged savings: Any SIMPLE IRA account growth is tax-deferred until the money is withdrawn, usually during retirement.
1 Assumes $75,000 business owner's salary, 25% tax rate, $12,000 maximum deferral, and 3% employer match. Actual tax savings will vary.

Participation Is Voluntary

  • Eligible employees choose if, and how much, to contribute to their SIMPLE IRA.
  • Unlike other kinds of retirement plans, a SIMPLE IRA plan has no required level of participation.

Low Costs

  • Starting a SIMPLE IRA retirement plan with T. Rowe Price is free.
  • T. Rowe Price mutual funds are free of up-front loads or sales commissions.
  • We keep our mutual fund expenses low, so more of your money is invested.2
  • An annual $20 account service fee is charged for each mutual fund account with a balance of less than $10,000. The $20 account service fee will be waived for the following circumstances: Subscribe to electronic delivery of statements and confirmations*; maintain an individual combined balance of $50,000 or more for all T. Rowe Price accounts (including mutual funds, Brokerage, Variable Annuity, and Small Business Retirement Plans); or qualify for T. Rowe Price Select Client Services based on higher asset levels of $100,000 or more. If the Participant Account is closed during the year, a $20 closeout fee will be deducted automatically from the proceeds of the total redemption. However, the closeout fee is waived when an account service fee was previously assessed to the participant for that year or when the proceeds are being used for a rollover, transfer or conversion to a T. Rowe Price retirement plan account or T. Rowe Price IRA account.
2 Some funds have redemption fees. Please see the prospectus for more information.

* Participants can subscribe to paperless delivery via the T. Rowe Price website once their account is established.

Attractive Investments

SIMPLE IRA Contribution Limits

Elective salary deferral limits for SIMPLE IRA retirement plan participants.

Contribution Limits
Tax year Maximum elective deferral contribution, Investors under age 50 Maximum elective deferral contribution, Investors age 50 or older
2014 $12,000 $14,500
Annual employer contributions are required in a SIMPLE IRA plan. Employers may choose one of the following options:
  • Matching contributions: You match each participant's contributions dollar for dollar up to 3% of compensation each calendar year (the match may be reduced to as little as 1% in no more than two out of five consecutive calendar years). With this option, you make employer contributions only to employees who contribute to the SIMPLE IRA plan.
  • Nonelective contributions: You make nonelective contributions of 2% of compensation3 for each eligible employee, regardless of whether the employee chooses to contribute to the plan. If you choose this option, a SIMPLE IRA retirement plan account must be established for each of your eligible employees, even if they choose not to make salary reduction contributions.
3 The maximum amount of compensation that can be used in determining nonelective contributions is $260,000 for 2014.
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