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Considering a 401(k) Rollover?

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Roll over a 401(k)

A rollover IRA is one of the several options to evaluate for a balance in a
previous employer's retirement plan. You can roll over a 401(k) to a T. Rowe Price
IRA and invest in low-cost mutual funds with no loads, commissions, or
sales charges. This means more of your money goes to work for you.

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Transfer an IRA

When you're ready to transfer your IRA to T. Rowe Price, we make it easy.
We'll help you select a set of mutual funds to best meet your investing needs,
and handle most of the paperwork, too.

Transfer an IRA

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We bring you over 75 years of trust and reliable investment management. And
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Here are four more excellent reasons to invest with T. Rowe Price:

Low costs

We offer a wide range of
low-cost, no-load investments
to choose from, so more
of your money goes to work for
you. Keep in mind that an
IRA may be subject to an
annual fee, and a fee may be
assessed if the IRA is closed.

Guidance and convenience

We make it easy for you to
open an account, access
practical information, and get
help from knowledgeable
investment specialists.

Investment approach

Our disciplined investment
approach is rooted in
proprietary research and
carried out by experienced

Proven performance

Such as 100% of our Retirement
beat their 10-year category
averages as of 3/31/15.1 We also
offer over 100 no-load mutual
funds. Of course, past
performance cannot guarantee
future results.
1Results will vary for other periods. All funds are subject to market risk,
including possible loss of principal.

We'll guide you

Call 800-267-1395 to let us help. It's easy to move money in a
former workplace retirement plan or IRA at another provider to a
new or existing IRA with T. Rowe Price.

Our rollover specialists provide objective guidance and service. They’ll help you:

  • Weigh your options and determine which is right for you
  • Consider appropriate mutual funds for your IRA
  • Complete the necessary forms
  • Contact your former employer and arrange to move your money

Rolling over or transferring $100,000+

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You may be wondering...

We offer low-cost, actively managed mutual funds with no loads, commissions, or sales charges. Keep in mind that an IRA may be subject to an annual fee, and a fee may be assessed if the IRA is closed. Learn more.
$1,000 to open an account. $100 per transaction for any additional contributions which can be set up with our Automatic Asset Builder service.

*The principal value of the Retirement Funds is not guaranteed at any time, including at or after the target date, which is the approximate year an investor plans to retire (assumed to be age 65) and likely stop making new investments in the fund. If an investor plans to retire significantly earlier or later than age 65, the funds may not be an appropriate investment even if the investor is retiring on or near the target date. The funds' allocations among a broad range of underlying T. Rowe Price stock and bond funds will change over time. The funds emphasize potential capital appreciation during the early phases of retirement asset accumulation, balance the need for appreciation with the need for income as retirement approaches, and focus on supporting an income stream over a long-term postretirement withdrawal horizon. The funds are not designed for a lump-sum redemption at the target date and do not guarantee a particular level of income. The funds maintain a substantial allocation to equities both prior to and after the target date, which can result in greater volatility over shorter time horizons. Diversification cannot assure a profit or protect against loss in a declining market.

*Based on cumulative total return, 32 of 36 (89%), 36 of 36, 36 of 36, and 19 of 19 of the Retirement Funds (including all share classes) outperformed their Lipper average for the 1-, 3-, 5-, and 10-year periods ended 3/31/15, respectively. Not all funds outperformed for all periods. (Source for data: Lipper Inc.)