When you're ready to transfer your IRA to T. Rowe Price, we make it easy. We'll not only help you select the mutual funds that best meet your investing needs, we'll even handle most of the paperwork.

You can even track the status of your IRA transfer online. Simply log in to your account and you will see where your request is in the IRA transfer process.

Why Transfer Your Traditional IRA and Roth IRA to T. Rowe Price?

  • We take a long-term, disciplined approach that's ideal for retirement investing.
  • Our mutual funds come with no loads, sales charges, or hidden fees and have some of the lowest expenses in the industry, which could help boost long-term performance.
  • Our mutual fund managers have an average of 14 years of experience, with proven track records in a variety of market conditions.
  • By transferring your Traditional IRA and Roth IRA assets to T. Rowe Price, you consolidate all of your retirement holdings into a single, easy-to-read statement.

Free Online Help for IRA Transfers

Free online help for IRA Transfers

Our online Personal Guide will walk you through all the steps of your IRA transfer, including investment decisions, and answer any questions you might have along the way.