Our IRA AutoMax service makes it easy for you to automatically maximize your IRA contributions each year. Just designate the IRA account(s) you wish to include in the service, and regular contributions to your IRA are funded from your bank account until the maximum contribution amount permitted by the IRS for the current tax year is reached.

An Easy Way to Maximize Your IRA Contributions

Each year, IRA AutoMax will calculate your maximum IRA contribution limit based on the current tax laws and your date of birth. If IRA-related tax law changes result in an increase to your contribution limit from the previous year, your regularly scheduled contribution amount(s) will be adjusted accordingly. Also, when you reach age 50 your contribution amounts will include your catch-up contribution.

With IRA AutoMax, you have the flexibility to:
  • Maximize contributions to one IRA or spread them over several IRAs.
  • Maximize IRA contributions for each tax year by December 31 of the respective year.
  • Contribute up to four times monthly or only during selected months.
  • Skip one or more scheduled contribution(s) and still maximize your IRA contributions for the tax year.
Enroll Today

To get started, simply log in to your account, click on the “Maximize” button and set up your IRA AutoMax service today.