How do I access T. Rowe Price Personal® for iPhone®?

Simply visit Apple's App StoreSM and search for T. Rowe Price. Then download the free app to your iPhone.

How is T. Rowe Price Personal for iPhone different from T. Rowe Price Mobile?

This app is only available through Apple's App Store for use on an iOS device. It includes all of the features currently available on the T. Rowe Price Mobile website, as well as enhanced navigation, additional account and performance information, charts, and the ability to make mutual fund and workplace retirement transactions.*

T. Rowe Price Mobile ( is an optimized mobile website that allows you to access your T. Rowe Price accounts via multiple mobile devices, including iPhone®, Android, and Blackberry (OS 6/7). You can access your account balances, recent activity and investment prices and research.

* Transactions are not yet available for Brokerage and TradeLink® accounts.

For access to all products and services offered by T. Rowe Price, or to perform transactions in your Brokerage account(s), visit the full site online at or

What functions are available?

The following functions are available for your accounts:

  • Account balances
  • Portfolio holdings
  • Account and asset allocation pie charts
  • Historical balances charts
  • Individual mutual fund transactions
  • Workplace retirement transactions
  • Transaction history
  • Pending activity
  • Account and fund performance
  • Fund information
What accounts are accessible?

You can view IRA, mutual fund, Brokerage, variable annuity, workplace retirement, and most college savings plan accounts.

How are my accounts displayed?

Your accounts are broken down into four groupings: (1) Personal Investments, which includes Brokerage and mutual fund accounts; (2) Individual Retirement, which includes Traditional and Roth IRAs; (3) College Savings; and (4) Workplace Retirement. Tapping any of these tiles will provide additional details about these accounts.

How are my accounts sorted?

The Overview page displays your total assets and individual tiles for each type of account that you own. The accounts are initially sorted using the retirement/nonretirement view. You may also group accounts by ownership or by using the custom views that you have set up on the full website (

What balance information is included for my account(s)?

The Overview page displays your total assets and subtotals for each type of account that you own. The changes in market value as of the previous business day are also displayed. All balances and prices are accurate as of market close on the previous business day.

You can select any of your accounts or investments and view:

  • Holdings
  • Account registration (if applicable)
  • Shares
  • Share price
  • Change in share price
  • Ticker symbol
What information is included in the pie charts?

Tapping the pie chart changes the data included and the view. The first tap shows a pie slice for each of the underlying tiles at any overview or account type level. A second tap of the pie chart shows the asset allocation breakdown for the account(s), including stocks, bonds, money market/stable value, and other.

Please note:


For an individually held investment(s):
Assets in college savings plans (529 plans) and variable annuities are not included. Mutual funds that are considered "blended asset" are allocated to their respective underlying asset classes in the charts.


For a workplace retirement plan(s):
The Asset Allocation section shows how the money you've previously invested is distributed over different investment categories based on the total percent of underlying holdings in each asset class. Data are provided by Morningstar, Inc®. All Rights Reserved.

What information is included in the Historical Balances line chart?

Rotating the phone sideways displays the Historical Balances line chart. This chart includes month-end balances of your account(s) for up to five years of history. Sliding your finger across the chart displays different month-end balance figures.

What information is included in the Account Information tile for workplace retirement plans?

The Account Information tile for your workplace retirement plan(s) provides additional account details, including:

  • Estimated income at retirement
  • Your account return
  • Additional balance details
What information is included in the Account Information tile for Individual Investor accounts?

The Account Information tile for your individually held account(s) provides additional account details, including:

  • Account registration (if applicable)
  • Shares
  • Share price
  • Change in share price
  • Ticker symbol
What is the as-of date for my account(s)?

Mutual fund share prices and portfolio unit prices are calculated as of market close each business day. Prices are generally updated on our website each business day between 6 p.m. and 7 p.m. eastern time, at which time current account balances should reflect updated pricing. Brokerage account valuations are not updated until the following business day. Transactions executed during the current business day are processed overnight and should be available for viewing the following morning. Intraday Brokerage trading activity and/or pending account activity for your mutual fund account(s) will not be reflected in the current balance until the following day.

What transactions can I process on T. Rowe Price Personal for iPhone?

Currently, only individual mutual fund and workplace retirement transactions** can be processed using T. Rowe Price Personal for iPhone. The transactions available for your mutual fund accounts include:

  • Buy
  • Sell
  • Exchange

The transactions available for your workplace retirement accounts include:

  • Change contributions (salary deferrals)
  • Change investments (future contributions and current balances)
** Brokerage and TradeLink account transactions are not yet available.
What transaction activity is available?

Transaction history includes account activity for the previous 90 days for your T. Rowe Price mutual fund, Brokerage, and workplace retirement accounts.

All workplace retirement account and individual mutual fund transactions executed online or through the T. Rowe Price Personal for iPhone will be displayed as pending activity until the transactions are reflected in your transaction history.

Can I cancel pending transactions?

Transaction requests may be canceled until market close (normally 4 p.m. eastern time) on the trade date. Once the market has closed on the trade date, the transaction can no longer be canceled. You may cancel pending mutual fund and workplace retirement transactions*** from the Pending Transactions screen on the T. Rowe Price Personal for iPhone. You may cancel pending transactions that have either been initiated online or through the T. Rowe Price Personal for iPhone. You may also cancel pending transactions online through the full site or by contacting a T. Rowe Price representative.

*** Pending transactions in Brokerage and TradeLink accounts cannot be canceled on the T. Rowe Price Personal for iPhone.
How much does the app cost?

There are no fees to download, use, or access the T. Rowe Price Personal for iPhone. Please check with your wireless provider about carrier and Web access charges. Wireless coverage varies by service provider and geographic location. Each device requires a subscription to a wireless data service.

Can I download and view T. Rowe Price Personal for iPhone on my iPad®?

Yes. Although not designed specifically for iPad devices, the app for iPhone is fully functional on iPads.

Is the site secure?

Yes. We use the latest Internet technology for secure communication.

  • Please note that certain cookies are saved as required for the website to run smoothly. However, these cookies don't contain any personal information.
  • 128-bit encryption masks your sensitive information.
  • When you log out, the session ends.
  • After 10 minutes of inactivity, your session on the T. Rowe Price Personal App for iPhone will automatically expire, requiring you to log in again with your user name and password.
  • For additional information, please refer to our Security Measures in the Terms of Use section.

Security tips for accessing your accounts via your mobile device:

  • After your have accessed your accounts, always remember to select the Log Out link to exit and prevent anyone else from accessing your accounts through your mobile device.
  • Always lock your device, and set up a password so that only you can unlock your device. Set your screen to automatically lock after a certain amount of time.
  • Do not open attachments from unknown e-mail addresses and/or unknown phone numbers for text messages (SMS).
  • Beware of fraudulent "SMishing" attacks—typically a text message sent to trick users into disclosing personal information.
  • Verify that your software is up to date by checking with your service provider or carrier. If you purchased software, contact the software vendor directly for updates.
  • Validate the website security. Make sure the site has adequate encryption by verifying that the Web address (URL) begins with "https://" and that a closed padlock symbol is displayed.
  • Never provide personal information, such as Social Security numbers. T. Rowe Price will only ask for your user name, password, and image verification when you log in.
  • Never share your user name and password with anyone or store those credentials on your wireless device.
Can I enroll in the iVerify service via the T. Rowe Price Personal App for iPhone?

No. You must access the full site (workplace retirement at or individual at to enroll in the iVerify multifactor authentication security service and select an image, a phrase, and personal security questions.

If I'm already enrolled in iVerify, will I see my image and phrase?

Yes. The iVerify service is supported. After you enroll and access T. Rowe Price Personal for iPhone, you must choose to register your mobile device to avoid having to answer your personal security question each time you log in.

Do I need a user name and password?

Yes. Log in using your existing T. Rowe Price online user name and password.

What if I forget my user name and/or password?

If you have forgotten your user name or password, or if your password is disabled, you can restore access through the full websites:workplace retirement at or individual at If this is not convenient, a representative may be contacted during normal business hours. Please refer to the "Who can I contact for help?" section for the appropriate phone number.

Who can I contact for help?

Customer Service: Our service representatives can help you with any transaction, question, or request.
Mutual Fund Customers: 1-800-225-5132
Brokerage Customers: 1-800-225-7720
Workplace Retirement/401(k) Information: 1-800-922-9945
Technical Support: 1-888-358-8490
Outside the United States: Contact the AT&T International Operator
For the Hearing Impaired: 1-800-367-0763

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