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  • Diverse Perspectives. Global Asset Allocation Insights.

    At T. Rowe Price, we rely on the diverse views of our investment teams around the world to create insightful perspectives on investing in global markets. Explore our global investing insights and see how your investment decisions can benefit from over 75 years of teamwork and experience.

    Global Market Perspective

    Global Markets Perspective
    • After a surprisingly strong first half of the year, global stock and bond returns are likely to be more moderate for the rest of 2014.
    • A downturn in the aging U.S. bull market could occur at any time, and global bond markets are still threatened by the prospect of rising U.S. interest rates over the next year.
    • T. Rowe Price asset allocation managers are still tactically tilting their portfolios toward stocks over bonds based on relative valuations, non-U.S. stocks over U.S. stocks, and emerging market stocks over developed market stocks. They're also favoring high yield and emerging market bonds.
    Market Outlook

    Midyear Outlook



    Managing Risk

    Managing Risk

    Get diverse perspectives from our investment team on what’s anticipated in the coming months, and what market themes you should be watching.

    Join portfolio manager, Stefan Hubrich, as he talks through the benefits of global diversification.

    When investors shift their expectations, markets may experience increased volatility. Despite signs of a global economic rebound, there is always potential for significant corrections when a gap develops between optimism and reality. Our analysts review a broad scope of potential risks and potential return scenarios.

    Multi-Asset Portfolio Positioning (June 2014)

    T. Rowe Price manages $174B (as of March 31, 2014) in global allocation portfolios that offer investment solutions to our clients. See how our Asset Allocation Committee has set their weightings in underlying asset classes based on perspectives on current market conditions.

    POSITIONING: A housing recovery and modest job gains in the U.S. support gradual economic improvement. Europe and Japan appear to be on the path toward renewed growth, but structural reforms are necessary for sustained growth. Slower global economic growth and rising U.S. interest rates present headwinds to many emerging markets, but their overall growth rates still exceed most developed markets.

    Key Themes

    Key Themes

    Featured Product

    Global Allocation Fund

    • Global liquidity remains high even as the Fed winds down its asset purchase program.
    • Equities outperformed fixed income, but equity valuations are starting to appear stretched.
    • Emerging markets struggled with weaker currencies and slowing economic growth, but valuations for healthier markets are compelling.

    A world allocation product that makes our diverse thinking accessible through one solution. Learn about the key elements and portfolio composition of the Global Allocation Fund.

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