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  • We believe superior, long-term performance can be achieved through comprehensive, long-term planning and attentive, day-to-day portfolio management.

    Our clients have the opportunity to work closely with highly experienced portfolio managers to create an investment plan aligned with their goals and have ongoing, discretionary investment management.

    To design a portfolio that's right for you, we get to know you. We develop a clear sense of your specific income needs, return expectations, tolerance for risk, time horizon, and other investment considerations specific to you.

    With the Private Asset Management group, you can benefit from our:

    • Customized portfolios—Private Asset Management delivers personalized asset allocation analysis with the appropriate equity, fixed-income, and balanced strategies.
    • Comprehensive resources—Rigorous fundamental research is the cornerstone of our investment process. Leveraging T. Rowe Price's global research capabilities and in-house staff of investment professionals, Private Asset Management offers expertise in multiple asset classes and styles.
    • Proven philosophy—Our strategy—to preserve and enhance wealth without assuming unnecessary risk—drives every investment decision we make.
    • World-class service—As a Private Asset Management client, you have ready access to a dedicated portfolio manager and receive regular reports and performance updates
    • Tax efficiency—Our disciplined approach is designed to limit potential tax liability while pursuing opportunities for growth. We manage your portfolio with a focus on after-tax results and minimizing capital gain recognition.
    T. Rowe Price Private Asset Management is offered through T. Rowe Price Associates, Inc., a federally registered investment advisor. Private Asset Management has an investment minimum of $3 million per portfolio.