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  • Make Smart Choices at This Critical Stage in Your Life

    You've been saving, now it's time to prepare for retirement. And you hope your assets will generate a comfortable income throughout a retirement that may last 30 years or more.

    The big factors will include when you retire and how much income you need to withdraw from your portfolio. You will also need the right mix of assets for growth (stocks) and stability (bonds) to stay ahead of inflation and manage risk. We recommend you begin developing a transition strategy as early as five years prior to the age at which you plan to begin taking distributions.

    In general, as you approach retirement, your investment portfolio should begin to provide greater stability and reduced investment volatility. However, it is critical that you continue to include long-term growth opportunities to maintain your purchasing power against rising inflation and provide income for an extended retirement. Today's longer retirement time frame requires a well-diversified portfolio intended to effectively balance short-term volatility and long-term growth.

    Your personalized Recommendation will include:
    What you'll need The amount of income you will need/prefer for a comfortable retirement
    Where are you now How much you can expect to withdraw and have your assets last throughout retirement, plus an in-depth analysis of your current portfolio
    The impact of changing your retirement date The difference that retiring early or waiting a few years can make on your long-term income
    Investment strategy Our recommended portfolio and how it compares with your current one
    Action plan Specific suggestions for adjusting your withdrawal and investment strategies to achieve your goals
    Gene and Thelma Wright Gene and Thelma Wright

    Years from retirement: five

    Goal: "We want a clear answer on how much we can expect to withdraw from our retirement assets every month—and how that would be affected by retiring later."
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