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You have more than five years until retirement. That may seem like a long time, but your retirement may also last for many years—possibly 30 or more.

You'll need substantial assets to generate the income you want. Your portfolio, including any assets in tax-deferred retirement savings accounts, probably should include plenty of long-term growth opportunities (stocks).

Your personalized Recommendation will include:
What you'll need The amount of income you require for a comfortable retirement
Where are you now How much you've saved already and an in-depth analysis of your current portfolio
Savings strategy What you need to save on an annual or monthly basis until retirement
Investment strategy Our recommended portfolio and how it compares with your current one
Action plan Specific suggestions for adjusting your savings and investment strategies to achieve your goals
Ellen Jones Ellen Jones

Years from Retirement: 25

Goal: "I want a long-term savings plan that will help me build a comfortable nest egg."
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