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    Make Sure Your Investment Strategy Is Aligned With Your Goals

    Your investments should reflect your long-term objectives. Is your current portfolio too aggressive, exposing you to excessive risk? Or too conservative, so you’re sacrificing higher returns you could be earning?

    T. Rowe Price can help you build and maintain a diversified portfolio that balances your goals and tolerance for risk. Our perspective is especially helpful if you have a variety of investments and/or providers.

    Your personalized Recommendation will include:
    What you want An analysis of your goals and risk tolerance
    Where are you now An in-depth analysis of your current portfolio
    Investment strategy Our recommended portfolio and how it compares with your current one
    Action plan Specific suggestions for adjusting your investment strategy to achieve your goals
    Michael Smith Michael Smith

    Goal: "I want to know if my current investment strategy is getting me closer to my financial goals, or if I need to make some changes."
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