We've made it simple to take advantage of over 75 years of T. Rowe Price's investment management experience. Wherever you are on your financial path, T. Rowe Price can offer you easy-to-use guidance on how to plan for and help you achieve a variety of financial goals. From a simple portfolio snapshot and fund selection to investing for retirement and college, our guidance resources give you the immediate direction you need to make better financial decisions.

Your financial goals may include:

  • Investment Planning: Developing a long-term investment strategy and keeping your allocation on target.
  • Retirement Planning: Creating a portfolio that helps you save for retirement and turn your retirement assets into a consistent income stream.
  • College Planning: Funding a college education through tax-advantaged investing.
  • Estate Planning: Creating financial security for your heirs.
Online Guidance Resources

Our online guidance resources provide a wealth of investment and planning knowledge that is convenient for today's busy investors.

  • Planning & Tools
    This comprehensive suite of targeted planning tools can help you analyze your current strategy in key areas, including investment, retirement, college, estate, and tax planning.
Dedicated Investment Specialists

You can also take advantage of T. Rowe Price's complimentary guidance simply by contacting one of our Investment Specialists.

An Investment Specialist will work closely with you to identify your financial goals and review your current investment strategy. These experienced professionals can assist with a range of investment needs that encompass portfolio assessment and reallocation, fund comparison and selection, rollovers, and IRAs.

Contact an Investment Specialist at 1-877-301-9767 weekdays from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. ET.

For more in-depth information, please view the Advisory Planning Services Homepage.