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  • Debt Crisis: Impact 2013

    T. Rowe Price economic, investment, and personal finance professionals provide their expert opinions on markets, investment choices, and strategies as debate on the national debt continues.

    Debt Shadows
    U.S. Economic Outlook

    Interview With Alan Levenson, Chief Economist of T. Rowe Price

    With the dust settled from the presidential election and the averted fiscal cliff, economic challenges continue to darken the landscape, despite some good news on the housing and employment fronts. In a recent interview, Alan Levenson gives his views on where the U.S. economy may be heading in 2013.

    Debt Ceiling Next Up in the Battle Over U.S. Debt

    While it was a relief at year-end to have an agreement that averted the "fiscal cliff," the debate over U.S. fiscal policy is about to begin again in earnest over the debt ceiling and federal spending.

    How Higher Tax Rates Could Affect Investors

    The American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012, the compromise bill passed on January 1 to deal primarily with tax aspects of the fiscal cliff, provided investors an element of certainty heading into 2013.

    What to Consider After the Fiscal Cliff

    As tax rates increase, investors should maintain a well-diversified portfolio but pay more attention to the types of accounts in their portfolios, says Christine Fahlund, a senior financial planner with the firm.

    We're Here to Help

    Effective tax planning can help you save money and fine-tune your investment strategy.


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