on October 6, 2015

Volatility has been on the rise in global fixed income markets. Treasury yields have followed a choppy path, currencies have weakened versus the dollar, and credit risk premiums have climbed as investors have grown increasingly cautious heading into the first Fed tightening cycle in nearly a decade. But T. Rowe Price fixed income investment professionals are still finding pockets of value in this highly uncertain environment.

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Opportunities and Challenges for Global Bond Investors

October 2, 2015

Bond investors are facing various challenges as the Federal Reserve seems poised to begin raising rates, but there are opportunities for global investors as central banks pursue different monetary policies. Moreover, longer-term rates in the U.S. may remain stable even as the Fed begins raising short-term rates.

Navigating the New Volatility in Equity Markets

September 30, 2015

The economy in China is not growing at the headline rate that's advertised. I think China decelerating is a major concern for global investors. It's really the pace of that deceleration that will determine the extent of the concern and the amount that markets react.

Research Drives Biotech Gains, but Some Valuations Appear High

September 18, 2015

Biotechnology stocks have performed strongly over the past several years, as genetic research has spurred the development of new drugs and therapies. Heavy fund inflows have pushed small-and mid-cap valuations sharply higher. Rigorous bottom-up research remains an essential tool for reducing portfolio risk.

Looking for Opportunities in Overseas Stocks

August 12, 2015

Given his previous experience in aerospace engineering, Portfolio Manager Ray Mills is no stranger to complex challenges. As manager of the T. Rowe Price Overseas Stock Fund, Mills puts his analytical skills to use identifying and investing in foreign companies. "The analytical skills used in engineering and investing overlap," says Mills

Seeking Growth Abroad

June 9, 2015

More than six years have passed since the global financial crisis drove international equity markets to steep losses. Equity markets in most countries have since recovered—although the gains have been uneven. For instance, the MSCI All Country World Index is up 58% for the five years through March 31, 2015.

A Decade Makes a Difference for Media Consumption

May 19, 2015

The Internet continues to upend the media and telecommunications sectors. Paul Greene has been a T. Rowe Price portfolio analyst since 2006 and manager of the Media & Telecommunications Fund since 2013. In this interview, he discusses why investors should expect more disruption.

Global Oil Price Decline Creates Winners and Losers

May 13, 2015

The dramatic decline in oil prices in the second half of 2014 and into early 2015 has created opportunities in stocks that either have been excessively punished by global markets because of their energy-related exposure or are not yet fully rewarded for the direct and indirect benefits they may see from lower fuel costs, T. Rowe Price managers say.

Putting 200 Global Analysts to Work for You

April 17, 2015

The T. Rowe Price Blue Chip Growth Fund (TRBCX) seeks opportunities in the market's largest companies. Since its 1993 inception, the T. Rowe Price Blue Chip Growth Fund has outpaced its Lipper benchmark. Portfolio Manager Larry Puglia, who has been at the fund's helm from its beginning, credits this success to T. Rowe Price's global research effort.

Technology Revisits a Milestone

March 11, 2015

For the first time since the peak of the dot-com bubble 15 years ago, the Nasdaq Composite Index reached the 5,000 level in early March. But the underpinnings for the technology sector today are much firmer than they were back then.

Preparing for a Rising-Rate Environment in the U.S.

February 19, 2015

T. Rowe Price Strategic Income Fund (PRSNX) Portfolio Manager Steve Huber and his team look for yield potential at home and abroad.

Global Energy Prices May Remain Weak for Some Time

February 12, 2015

The sharp decline in oil prices since the middle of 2014 has been good for many consumers, but it has rattled financial markets amid renewed concerns about global economic growth. The plunge in oil prices has also hurt global oil producers and regions.

Benefit From Our Target Date Retirement Strategies

January 23, 2015

Most people have decades to prepare for retirement, but despite that fact—or perhaps because of it—an uncomfortable truth remains: "Many individuals are unprepared for retirement," says Jerome Clark, portfolio manager of the T. Rowe Price Retirement Funds and co-portfolio manager of the T. Rowe Price Target Retirement Funds.

Frontier Markets Broaden Investor Choices

December 22, 2014

In recent years, frontier equity markets have been outperforming more well-established emerging markets and even developed international markets. In this interview, based on a three-part podcast series, portfolio manager, Portfolio Manager Oliver Bell discusses what's driving the emergence of these nascent stock markets and where they're headed...

Asset Allocation: Striking the Right Balance

December 22, 2014

Following very strong market returns for much of the year, the Asset Allocation Committee has been moderating allocations to risk assets such as equity and high yield bonds. As we look to 2015 for opportunities that offer a favorable trade-off between risk and return, it is worth noting that valuations are generally less compelling...

U.S. Equity: What to Look for and Avoid

December 19, 2014

Since the current bull market began in 2009, earnings have grown at a faster pace than the overall economy, reflecting the ability of companies to expand profit margins by extracting costs. Going forward, however, the broad outlook for earnings—and thus for U.S. equity performance—will depend much more directly on economic growth.

Flexibility is Key in a Low-Yield Environment

November 25, 2014

T. Rowe Price is a global investor, with a growing number of securities analysts focused on non-U.S. markets, alongside its U.S.-oriented analysts. Since David Eiswert joined T. Rowe Price in 2003, he has had a worldwide focus—first as a technology analyst, then as manager of the Global Technology Fund...

Lessons From a Career in Small-Cap Value

November 25, 2014

Preston Athey Reflects on Career in Small-Cap Value Investing. Preston Athey stepped down as manager of the Small-Cap Value Fund on June 30, 2014, marking a milestone in a career of three and a half decades in the investment management industry.

What to Expect From Fixed Income Markets

October 28, 2014

With the Federal Reserve poised to end asset purchases soon and begin raising short-term rates by mid-2015, the environment for fixed income investors could become more challenging, but the era of historically low yields may persist longer than expected.