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    Deep Sea Exploration Robotics  
    As robotics evolves into real products that can positively affect our lives, more industries will begin to accept the burgeoning technology, helping us do things better and faster, and with greater knowledge about the world around us.
    Rhett K. Hunter, VP at T. Rowe Price Associates  
    Rhett K. Hunter
    VP at T. Rowe Price Associates
    Rhett K. Hunter is a U.S. Equity Analyst. He serves on the Investment Advisory Committee of the Global Technology Fund, Science & Technology Fund, and New Horizons Fund.
    Robots in Law Enforcement – T. Rowe Price  
    Robots are working side by side with humans as primary tools to aid in disasters and respond to emergencies on land, in the air, and under water—from battlegrounds to hometowns.
    Douglas Main - Livescience.com  
    Douglas Main
    Douglas Main writes about science and related topics for Livescience.com. He has also written for the New York Times Green Blog, Popular Mechanics, Discover Magazine and many other publications.
    Robotics Slideshow – T. Rowe Price
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    Haptics Technology – T. Rowe Price  
    "Call it a happy accident: in the quest to make machines that can transmit touch, and that are easier to control, roboticists have made machines that better control themselves."
    What will it take for a robot to feel? Discover why haptic technology—the sense of touch—is one of the most challenging and promising areas in robotics.

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