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    Luxury Brand Consumption Expands Territories
    Conspicuous consumption by the world's rising consumer class is fueling rapid growth outside the luxury category's traditional territories.
    Sebastian Schrott - VP at T. Rowe Price Associates  
    Sebastian Schrott
    VP at T. Rowe Price Associates
    Schrott is a London-based equity analyst, covering European retail and luxury goods.
    Archibald Ciganer - VP at T. Rowe Price Associates  
    Archibald Ciganer
    VP at T. Rowe Price Associates
    Ciganer is a Tokyo-based equity analyst, covering the telecom, transportation, utility, media, and consumer sectors.
    Luxury Brands Attracting Tourism Worldwide  
    The multinational conglomerates behind the biggest, most powerful luxury brand constellations are moving their focus to emerging markets in Asia, nurturing the future of the category in glittering top-tier cities like Mumbai and Shanghai, as well as lower-tier cities all across the region.
    William J. Holstein  
    Russ Banham
    Banham is a veteran financial journalist and contributor to The Wall Street Journal, Chief Executive, CFO, and many business publications.
    Luxury Goods - Infographic on Luxury Goods
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    Luxury Goods and Prestige Brands Tempt High-End Luxury Consumers in China  
    The luxury goods category is thriving, thanks to consumers from emerging markets, rather than traditional consumers from the U.S., Europe, and Japan.
    Female Luxury Shoppers Enjoy Luxury Brands in China  
    The face of China's luxury consumer is changing—it's more educated, more youthful, and decidedly more female.

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