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DNA Strand – Genomics  
The field of genomics is already shaping the way we grow plants and treat diseases. And the latest technological advances suggest that this may only be the tip of the iceberg.
Taymour Tamaddon, VP at T. Rowe Price Associates  
Taymour Tamaddon
VP at T. Rowe Price Associates
Taymour Tamaddon is the lead portfolio manager and chairman of the Investment Advisory Committee for the Health Sciences Fund.
Human Genome  
New technology for sequencing human genomes has allowed us to peer deeper into our genetic makeup than ever before. The question now: What will we do with what we learn?
Russ Banham  
Russ Banham
Banham is a veteran financial journalist and contributor to
The Wall Street Journal, Chief Executive, CFO, and many business publications.
Business of Genomics Infographic – T.Rowe Price
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Cancer and Genomics  
One of the most promising applications of genetic science is in the study and treatment of cancer. One research scientist explains how genetics and evolutionary biology could lead us to new cures.
Genomics and Agriculture  
The most widespread application of genomics today is actually in agriculture, as scientists search for ways to genetically modify crops and foods to improve everything from the drought resistance of plants to what our food tastes like.

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