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    Africa on the Rise  
    Move over, Asia: One of the world's fastest growing regions is actually Africa, where greater stability, growing foreign investment, and new consumer spending power are fueling an economic boom.
    Oliver Bell, VP at T. Rowe Price Associates  
    Oliver Bell
    VP at T. Rowe Price Associates
    Oliver Bell is the lead portfolio manager and chairman of the Investment Advisory Committee for the Africa & Middle East Fund.
    Human Genome  
    Natural resources are fueling major growth on the continent. An Africa correspondent explains why, despite challenges, resources are a great hope for the future.
    Oliver August  
    Oliver August
    Oliver August is a correspondent and editor for The Economist, currently focusing on Africa and the Middle East.
    Africa's Story of Growth
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    Five Countries to Watch  
    Africa's rapid growth is not affecting the continent equally. Here's a look at five countries that represent some of the brightest spots.
    The New African Consumer  
    Recent years have seen the emergence of a large consuming class on the continent. The former U.S. Ambassador to Nigeria explains what's driving this—and what the future must hold if it is to be sustained.

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