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College Planning

If you’re looking to save money for education — for yourself, your children, your grandchildren, or a special child in your life — T. Rowe Price is here to help you find the answers you need. We offer a wide variety of college planning resources, like 529 college savings plans and online tools designed to get you on the right track—and keep you there.

Get Started Planning for College

There are several types of investment accounts you can use to save for education expenses,
each with their own benefits and tax advantages. Start here to identify your choices, select an
appropriate account, and gain an understanding of the important financial issues you will face when
paying and saving for college.



Important Things to Consider

How Much Will College
Cost Me?

Our college investment calculator uses projected tuition rates at major U.S. universities to help you find out.

College Savings Plan
Comparison Table

An at-a-glance summary of the main features and benefits of several college savings plan options.

T. Rowe Price manages three 529
plans. For more details on the features
and benefits of each plan, choose the plan below:

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