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  • For detailed fund information, click on the fund names below. You can also sort the data in columns, compare funds, create your own customized view, and access a saved view. For up-to-date standardized total returns, click on View Historical Performance.

    Please note: Distributions for T. Rowe Price funds are posted on this website in our Tax Planning Center. Each fund's share price (net asset value) is reduced by the amount of the per share distribution on the ex-dividend and reinvestment date. Distribution amounts are reinvested in fund shares on this date for shareholders who elect this option.

    Frequent movement into and out of funds or other securities can create wash sales. A wash sale occurs when you sell shares of a security at a loss and purchase or acquire the same or substantially identical security within 30 days before or after the sale. The IRS's wash sale rule would disallow the loss from the wash sale on your income tax return. This rule applies to your purchase and sale of shares in an equity fund, as well as in a bond fund, such as the T. Rowe Price Short-Term Bond Fund and municipal bond funds. It's important to note that this rule also applies when shares sold in a non-retirement account are purchased in substantially identical shares in a Traditional or Roth IRA within 30 days before or after the sale, even if they are held at different financial institutions.

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